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Laurel Leaves: Memories from the Fields


If summer 2021 taught us anything, it’s that the junior field at Fleur de Lis camp is the place to be! Every day was filled with laughs, love, and plenty of adventures. Whether it was erupting into spontaneous song and dance parties, or starting impromptu talent shows on the J-Lodge stage, the memories created in our corner of the field will certainly last forever. Through daily activities, night time routines, and a lot of undercover missions (I would say more but am sworn to junior field secrecy), the fun in the field never ends!

One of my favorite days at camp is definitely junior day. After a week of working on a play- James and the Giant Peach in July and Alice in Wonderland in August- the bright shining stars of the junior field show off their acting skills for the rest of camp in a full on production. The day is all about the juniors and chalk full of fun little surprises! Overall, the junior field is an incredible place to spend a summer filled with some of the silliest, kindest, and most lively personalities I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am counting down the days until I’m with the junebugs again for summer 2022!

Much Love,

Lady Caroline Jones

Junior Unit Head


The summer 2021 mid field was a joyful and lively place. It was impossible to walk down the camp road without hearing friends laughing together or enter the field without seeing smiling faces, even when they were sometimes wearing masks. The mids were always busy with fashion shows, tag games, and chatting at the picnic table. The field would even occasionally erupt into a water fight that involved staff and campers both running and trying to avoid the large splashes of water being thrown in every direction. A major highlight of Summer ‘21 was the AMAZING mid birthdays, Shrek and Madagascar, that the mids put on. Every single mid worked so hard to make both of the shows the best they possibly could be and it was well worth it. The productions had the whole camp laughing with the hilarious one-liners and cheering loudly after the songs and dances. These plays will definitely be remembered for a long time. This mid field was an extremely talented and hard-working group that really learned how to make a community where everyone had a chance to shine. I am so proud of all of them. The mid field was truly the place to be and made my summer one of the best. I can’t wait to see all of the mids next summer for more fabulous mid birthdays, H-mornings, and goodnight hugs.

Mid Field Best Field,

Lady Rachel Cass

Mid Unit Head


Hello Fleur de Lis fam! As our last day at FDL for summer 2021 gets farther away and we move into autumn, I am missing the shores of Laurel Lake more than I thought possible. Remember when we turned the dining hall into an old folks home? Or that time we jumped into Laurel Lake in our clothes to escape the heat and get a little more fun out of our day? Ooh! What about the riff-off after the campfire on the last night? And all that crocheting! We created so many memories together, and I know I’ll continue to remember the summer of 2021 as one of my best so far. Even out here in Ohio, it’s the piece of Fleur de Lis Camp in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire that will keep me smiling through fall, winter, spring, and all the way back to the summer. Fleur de Lis is waiting for all of you to come back and make some more amazing memories next year-- who knows what sort of shenanigans the Senior Field will get up to? Well, squad, there’s only one way to find out!

Peace, Love, and Laurel,

Lady Julia Lesko

Senior Unit Head

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